May 8, 2013

Review: Nathan's Famous - Two Hot Dog Combo

Nathan's Famous restaurants aren't really found in Southern California, but there are a couple of them on the Strip in Vegas which is where I tried this Two Hot Dog Combo. It came with two hot dogs, topped with sauerkraut, and a side order of thick crinkle-cut fries.

Of course, since it was the Strip, there was a bit of a mark up and the combo cost me $9.95 (McDonald's was the only restaurant I found inside the casinos whose prices weren't marked up).

If you've never had a Nathan's Famous hot dog, you might find them at your local supermarket. The nice thing about hot dogs is that the same stuff you buy from a cart or restaurant, you can pick up at your local grocers.

The hot dogs each had a casing (as opposed to skinless) and delivered a decent snap plus a really good flavor. The sauerkraut had a strong sour bite, tinged with a hint of bitterness; they piled it on, which was a bit much for me, but it's easy enough to pick some of it off.

The buns were decent; soft but not terribly fresh.

The fries were really nice. The way they're cut leaves a lot of thick, flavorful potato meat in each fry and there's a very light batter that gives a bit of a crisp shell to each fry. I liked the fries a lot. They're good alone or with ketchup.

Overall, Nathan's Famous' Two Hot Dog Combo isn't a great value (but is decent for Vegas), but it hits the spot for a hot dog craving and the fries are a welcomed bonus.


  1. your number 1 fanThursday, May 09, 2013

    Can vegetarians eat potato meat?

  2. Haha, maybe I should have wrote "potato flesh."

  3. Downtown is where it is at for cheap food in Vegas. The horseshoe has an insanely large and obscene hot dog for like 3 bucks.

  4. Oh My God! (and yes I took the trouble to type that out, and this too just to make a point) WHAT IS THE FORK FOR!!!


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