May 24, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Japan - New Mega Potato Order of Fries

Just in case a large order of fries isn't enough for sharing, McDonald's Japan is offering the Mega Potato for a limited time. Twice the size of a large order of fries, I'm surprised they didn't just offer it in a bucket. Instead, they went with a ridiculously wide version of a large fry container.

You might be asking, beyond the novelty, why wouldn't customers just buy two orders of large fries? Well, like buying a 20-piece box of Chicken McNuggets, it costs less. The Mega Potato is priced at 490 yen (~$4.79 US), while two large order of fries cost 580 to 620 yen ($5.67 to $6.06 US).

The Mega Potato is available through late June.

In addition to the Mega Potato, McDonald's Japan is offering a limited-time powdered butter soy sauce seasoning for an additional charge (about 30 cents) that can be sprinkled on their fries. It's an unexpected (and weird) flavor pairing and I'm pretty curious as to how it would taste.

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  1. Butter Soy is delicious. It would not be hard to concoct a taste test at home... Thanks for the blog. Keep it up. All the best...


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