May 19, 2013

Around the World: Domino's Expands American Legends Line to UK

The American Legends line of specialty pizzas has been on the Domino's menu here in the US since 2009 and now it's made its way across the Pond to the UK with two new American-themed pizzas: the Carolina (doesn't specify "North" or "South") and the New York Deli pizzas.

The words "New York Deli" brings to mind pastrami and matzo ball soup, but over in the UK, apparently it means ground beef, onions, ham, hot dogs, and crispy onions. I wonder if hot dogs are very popular in the UK.

The Carolina pizza offers barbecue sauce, chicken breast strips, smoked bacon rashers (i.e. back bacon), onions, tomatoes, crispy onions, and mustard mayo. I guess you might find mustard mayo in the potato salad they serve with barbecue in North or South Carolina... Then again, compare to our very own Memphis BBQ Chicken, which comes topped with grilled chicken breast, barbecue sauce, and onions, and the UK version seems a bit more interesting.

Along with the new pizzas, the line includes new Chocolate Brownies and Spicy BBQ Wings.


  1. Outside of London, it's nearly impossible to find a hot dog in England at least. Even within London, there are only a handful of places. So, not very popular.

  2. Huh. That's makes for a bit of an odd choice then. Maybe the novelty aspect I suppose.


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