May 18, 2013

Around the World: Burger King Malaysia's New Breakfast Line-Up Adopts a Gangland Flair

Burger King Malaysia takes a gangland theme for the nomenclature of their new "Boss of Breakfast" line up. The menu sports names like "The Hit," "Swiss Joe," and, of course, "The Boss." Some of the names leave you to wonder what's actually in the sandwiches, but at least you know there's egg in the "Big Egg-O."

Here's a breakdown of the menu:

Since pork sausage isn't too popular in the largely Muslim country (although rival McDonald's does offer chicken sausage in Malaysia), you'll find plenty of deep-fried chicken patties instead.
 "The Hit" is a chicken patty, American cheese, and mayo, on an English muffin.

"Big Egg-O" consist of a fried egg, chicken patty, and mayo, on an English muffin.

"Sunny Swiss" features sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, a fried egg (but, inexplicably, not a sunny side up one), and mayo, on an English muffin.

"Joe Swiss" is the same, but with a chicken patty instead of egg.

Finally, ordering "The Boss" gives you the kitchen sink option with a chicken patty, American cheese, egg, slice of smoked chicken ham, and mayo, on an English muffin.

To hammer home the theme, the tagline for the menu is "The Offer You Can't Refuse," and the visual advertisements show the sandwiches in a line up complete with height markings and name plates.

The new menu is offered at select Burger King locations in Malaysia.

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