May 26, 2013

News: Church's Chicken - New Texas Chicken

Church's Chicken introduces new, limited-time Texas Chicken. Evoking the backyard grill, the new chicken is neither breaded or battered and is instead dusted with "a special blend of Texas seasonings that melts into a barbecue glaze."

The flavor profile is supposed to be "a little sweet and a little spicy flavor and a smokiness that will remind of your favorite backyard grilled chicken."

Interesting, Church's is known as "Texas Chicken" outside of the U.S as Texas is where the chain finds its roots.

Texas Chicken is available at participating Church's Chicken location for a limited time through July 28, 2013. The price for a half chicken starts at $3.69 with a combo clocking in at $5.69.

is Caring


  1. Tried this today. It looks great, but the flavor was so-so. It had no sweetness in the spices, as described above, and definitely didn't remind me of backyard grilled chicken. Not bad, but not good enough to try again.

  2. This chicken is great love the taste the flavor is wonderful such a better choice than fried chicken I wish they would keep on menu permanently

  3. I tried the Texas chicken and it is very tasty. The sauce is good and the chicken is very moist.

  4. It was pretty good, but I'll be sticking with spicy in the future. The entire I was eating Texas BBQ, I was thinking how much I wanted the spicy version.

  5. I hope you guys can find a new correspondent that actually does research. You're the only one calling it "non-fried". Check your sources.

  6. just tried and i love this version of churches chicken, compared to the original i think it was full of flavor and wished it was staying on the menu, i would eat there more often if it was

  7. For making that correction. I too assumed it was grilled, till the manager mentioned it was fried, just not breaded. What a bonus!


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