May 27, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Hong Kong - New Black and White Burgers

McDonald's Hong Kong is going with a black-and-white motif for their latest limited time burgers: the Black Burger and the White Burger.

While black and white burgers have been done before in China, these are a little different. Most notably, the Hong Kong versions are full-sized burgers (whereas the Chinese versions were paired mini-burgers) and contain a layer of mashed potatoes between the distinctive buns.

The White Burger features a white white bun with black sesame seeds sandwiching mashed potatoes, a crispy chicken patty, pepper mushroom sauce, lettuce, and bacon.

The Black Burger consists of a black squid ink bun with white sesame seeds, mashed potatoes, truffle sauce (something offered in Hong Kong before by rival Burger King), two beef patties, lettuce, and bacon.

The tagline on the box for the White Burger is "Dare to be plain," while the tagline for the Black Burger is "Dare to be dark."

Both burgers are offered at $17.60 HK ($2.27 US) a piece.

In addition to the burgers, McDonald's is carrying on the theme with a Black and White Caramel Sundae and Black and White Bubble Tea. The distinguishing characteristic for both items are the presence of black and white tapioca balls.

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