May 14, 2013

Review: Taco Bell - Beef Crunchito

You might think Taco Bell's Beef Crunchito is a crunchy burrito from the name, but it's actually a taco with a fried flour tortilla shell, filled with seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, and shredded cheddar cheese.

It's part of Taco Bell's current $1 Cravings Menu test and goes for $1 (surprise!).

The Beef Crunchito is actually more compact than a regular Crunchy Taco from Taco Bell. It's about 3/4 of the size of a regular taco, but seems to be stuffed with the same amount of meat.

The classic combo of seasoned ground beef, lettuce, and cheddar are as good as ever, but the cheese is actually different from the cheese in the Crunchy Taco. The cheese in the Beef Crunchito is moist and is much more finely shredded than in the Crunchy Taco. The effect is a more pleasing texture and slightly more pronounced flavor.

The shell is delicately crisp compared to the more substantial crunch of a standard taco shell. Biting into it yields a slight powdery feel from the flour tortilla. It's different, but in a good way.

Overall, the Taco Bell's Beef Crunchito provides a different, but very enjoyable take on the standard crunchy taco that's good for snacking or a light meal.


  1. I quite like the new Crunchito for its fried flour shell. I thought it was smaller though, at maybe 2/3 the size of a regular taco. Mini size. :o

  2. Sounds good! I hope the new menu goes nationwide soon. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food place for a snack, so this will just add to it.

  3. looks like more Taco Bell garbage. Waste of a dollar. Rather get a mcdouble for a way better value.

  4. A Chalupa shell is more deep-fried flatbread whereas this is a deep-fried flour tortilla, so it lacks the spongy dough of a Chalupa and is thinner and crisper.

  5. Hmmm, so they going back to there party menu again?

  6. This is really similar to something I saw in an '80s Taco Bell commercial on Youtube. Back then it was called the "Taco Lite," but it had what looked like the same sort of crispy flour shell.

  7. Here's what I was talking about:

  8. Haha '80s commercial. That's an unfortunate name though: Taco Light. I like the disclaimer that says it's not actually less calories. But yeah, same shell but much smaller than this commercial.


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