May 25, 2013

News: Fatburger to Sell Frozen Patties at Walmart

Fatburger is branching out into the frozen food aisle and will offer their signature beef patties in frozen packs of six exclusively at Walmart starting in June (although select locations are already selling them).

Each box will contain six third-pound patties for a total of 2 pounds and be priced around the $7 to $8 mark (varying with location).

The burgers will have a higher fat content of 30% compared to 20% in restaurants as they are meant for barbecuing rather than a flat top grill.

The move is a curious one since most fast food chains don't want customers to associate their burgers with being frozen, with several (such as Wendy's) touting their "fresh, never frozen" credentials.

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  1. I just purchased a box of Fatbuger Frozen Burgers. OMG! They are the Best I ever had. They taste so good! When you bite into the Fatburger burger the taste explodes in your mouth! I grilled them up for the family and they loved them!

  2. Do you remember how much they cost?

  3. Didi you grill them frozen or did you thaw first?

  4. I bought these at Wal-Mart (never having heard of them before) but seemed to have great reviews. I did grill them frozen as it said. Even seasoned. They were awful! Had I kept the box instead of tossing to make room in freezer, I would have taken them back for a refund of $7+. My husband said, I don't know what these are but don't fix them again. They may suffice for our dogs!

  5. I usually don't buy into frozen fast food products but Fatburger is my favorite place to eat in Vegas and unfortunately we don't have any close in Indy. So when I saw the packages at Walmart I was stunned because I didn't expect to see it. But anyway, i cooked one as soon as I got home and I was surprised how good it was, taste almost like a Fatburger at the restaurant.


  7. Absolutely one of the nastiest burgers ever. Took one bit, spit it out, and tossed the rest.

  8. I got a box of these and wasn't expecting anything great just a frozen burger but it was by the the worst burger Ive ever had in my life, couldn't even get a whole one down. It taste nothing like a burger best was to describe it is that is taste like dog food smells soooo grossss!!!!!!


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