May 23, 2013

Around the World: KFC Japan Offers the Handy Salad

KFC Japan is currently offering an interesting take on the salad wrap called the Handy Salad, which doesn't contain any chicken or any meat or soy protein for that matter. It's simply various veggies wrapped in a flour tortilla with sauce. It's called a "Handy Salad" because you can conveniently eat it in one hand.

Inside the Handy Salad, you'll find grilled zucchini, red and yellow bell peppers, lettuce, and a tomato salsa. It's being offered at 220 yen (~$2.17 US) each.

KFC Japan is also currently offering 500 yen Kentucky Lunch Boxes, which sport a nice picnic graphic that look pretty neat:

The Lunch Box promo is only offered around lunch time (from 10am to 2pm) and includes the Handy Salad as a side in one of its configurations. Other side options you won't find at KFC locations here in the US include French fries and grilled onigiri (rice balls).

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