May 25, 2013

News: Red Baron - New Hawaiian and Spicy Pepperoni Pizzas

Red Baron is out with a few new pizzas that add a little more flavor than the standard frozen pizzas.

The new varieties being offered are Classic Crust Hawaiian, Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni and Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian.

The Hawaiian pizzas come topped with pineapple and Canadian bacon while the Spicy Pepperoni comes with pepperoni, chipotle sauce, and jalapenos. The Fire Baked Crust is meant to have a crispy bottom and chewy middle, while the Classic Crust is meant to be "the right amount of crispy and chewy."

Red Baron's Classic Crust and Fire Baked pizzas carry a suggested retail price of $4.50 and Deep Dish Singles come in at $3.50.

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