May 30, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut Sweden Offers the Pizza Sun

Looks like putting a hole in the middle of your pizza is becoming a little bit of a thing. Over in Sweden, Pizza Hut is currently offering the limited-time Pizza Sun. 

While it doesn't resemble the sun anymore than any other pizza, it does have a hole in the middle where a mixed green salad can be found (i.e. stuff that needs the sun to grow).

The rest of the thin-crust pizza sounds pretty healthy as well: it's topped with eggplant, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and parmesan cheese.

The price for one is 99 Swedish Krona or about $15.


  1. I'm in Norway and never ever knew Sweden had a Pizza Hut! Guess where I'm going this weekend! (Haven't had Pizza Hut for 13 years.)


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