May 3, 2013

News: Popeyes - New $3.99 "3 of a Kind" Combo; Peach Pie Returns

Popeyes' latest limited-time deal is the "3 of a Kind" combo for $3.99. It's three of a kind because you can choose from three "kinds" of chicken: whole wings, tenders, or a leg, wing, and thigh, and you get 3 pieces in total. In addition to the 3 pieces, a biscuit is include on the side.

Popeyes has also brought back the Southern Peach Pie (which I've tried) for the summer. It's a deep-fried pie (although somehow the one I got wasn't...) filled with peach pieces spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

They're also now offering Hawaiian Punch in a gallon jug.

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