May 23, 2013

News: 7-Eleven's #Awesummer Kicks Off with 49-Cent Slurpees This Weekend

7-Eleven is kicking off a slew of summer deals and exclusives starting tomorrow with 49-cent medium-size Slurpees through Memorial Day (Monday, May 27). They're collectively calling the promotion "#Awesummer" (and even explain the hashtag: "It's called a hashtag(#) and it's used in social media to categorize posts. For example, this answer would be posted with #informative.").

Along with the three-day Slurpee deal, 7-Eleven is also offering a number of exclusive versions of some popular branded snacks and drinks including:

A new chill-activated Coca-Cola can - You can tell it's cold when you see the blue ice cubes on the can (a la Coors). While it's a nice concept for marketing, I've always relied on the nerves in my hand to let me know when my can is just the right coldness. There's a deal where you can get two for $2.

- New Strawberry Lemonade Gatorade - There's a promo on these where you can buy two 32-ounce bottles for $3.

- New Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Latte ice cream - espresso ice cream with coffee grounds swirled with vanilla bean ice cream. There's a limited-time special where you can get two 14-ounce containers of any Haagen-Dazs ice cream for $6.99.

- New Ruffles Crispy Fries - a cross between chips and fries.

In addition to the exclusive items, 7-Eleven is/will be offering the following new, limited-time Slurpee flavors this summer:

- Lite Sugar Free Sprite and Fanta Oddball Orange (kumquat-flavored) through June 23.

- Starting June 24 through September 3 - Lite Sugar Free Fanta Mango Lemonade and Fanta Strawberry Lemonshade.

They're also offering a few summertime "Meal Deals:"

- Two Big Bite Hot Dogs and a 32-ounce Big Gulp for $2.99

- $1 off a sandwich when you buy a chill-activated Coca-Cola can

- Three Mini Donuts and Medium Coffee for $2 

As with almost any promotion or deal, price and participation may vary.

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