Feb 25, 2014

News: McDonald's Mighty Wings are Back and Cheaper to Boot

McDonald's Mighty Wings are back for a limited time this spring (mostly because the chain over-estimated demand when they offered them last year and now has a bunch of wings to get rid of).

Mighty Wings are bone-in fried chicken wing segments with a fairly spicy, crispy breading.

If you enjoyed them the first time around but thought they were a bit overpriced (at almost a buck each if you bought three), McDonald's has lowered the price to 5 Mighty Wings for $3 (that's 60 cents a wing) at participating McDonald's locations. Given that that the wings tended to be bigger than average (and that my local KFC is no longer offering Hot Wings for 50 cents), that's a pretty good value.

For those wondering, I thought Mighty Wings were really good but a bit overpriced the first time around (you can read that review here).