Feb 17, 2014

News: McDonald's - Shamrock Shakes and Strawberry & Creme Pies Back for a Limited Time

It looks like Shamrock Shakes and Strawberry & Creme Pies are back at McDonald's for a limited time.

There doesn't appear to be a national campaign this time around, so it's likely the items are available at participating locations in select markets (I've been able to verify that they're available in the Southern California and New York Tri-state markets).

The Shamrock Shake is McDonald's nod to St. Patrick's Day and is basically a vanilla shake blended with green mint syrup (my take on the Shamrock Shake here).

The Strawberry & Creme Pies features a side-by-side filling of strawberries and vanilla-flavored creme inside a sugar-coated crust (Yep, I've tried this as well).