Feb 2, 2014

Reference: Subway's Local/Regional Breads and Toppings

Subway actually has quite a list of breads and toppings/ingredients that are only found in certain areas of the US.

Here's a handy reference on which items you may or may not find at your local Subway:

Regional/Local Breads Selection

- Hearty Italian
- Jalapeno Cheese
- Monterey Cheddar
- Parmesan Oregano
- Roasted Garlic
- Rosemary & Sea Salt

Regional/Local Cheese Selection

The only required cheeses at Subway are American and Monterey Cheddar. Beyond that, franchisees can choose to stock from the following:

- Feta
- Mozzarella
- Natural Cheddar
- Natural Pepperjack
- Natural Provolone
- Natural Swiss


- Avocado
- Carrots
- Guacamole
- Sweet Peppers


There's a long list of sauces that you can only find at some Subway locations:

- Baja
- Barbecue
- Blue Cheese
- Buffalo
- Creamy Italian
- Golden Italian
- Red Wine Vinaigrette
- Savory Caesar
- Sriracha
- Tzatiki Cucumber
- Zesty Italian