Feb 13, 2014

Review: Sonic - Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae

Sonic's Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae is this year's nod to Valentine's Day and features a red velvet bundt cake with a warm fudge center sitting on a layer of cheesecake filling and topped with ice cream, whipped topping, chocolate sauce, and a maraschino cherry.

The price tag was $4.49 but I received this one courtesy of Sonic.

$4.49 seems a bit pricey for a fast food dessert, which generally go for $3 or less (although I guess if you're regularly buying Frappuccinos, it's not so bad). That being said, Sonic' Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae (and the rest of the molten cake sundae line-up) is fairly big and best shared.

My favorite part of the sundae was the cheesecake filling, which provided a nice flavor and a soft, smooth texture. It also went well with the chocolate sauce. My best bites had some cheesecake in them.

The red velvet cake had a decent cocoa flavor and didn't go crazy with the red food coloring, but was a bit too firm and dry. I think it's more a quality control (most likely storage) issue than anything, but I could be wrong.

While real ice cream with a soft serve texture sounds nice, it didn't make an appreciable difference to me and it seems like Sonic could just go with cheaper soft serve for the same effect.

Overall, Sonic's Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae is a nice enough concept, but when the cake which makes up for half or more of the sundae is dry, it's not so great. I really liked the cheesecake filling though.

Nutritional Info - Sonic Red Velvet Molten Cake Sundae (300g)
Calories - 830 (from Fat - 350)
Fat - 39g (Saturated Fat - 24g)
Sodium - 620mg
Carbs - 110g (Sugar - 74g)
Protein - 9g