Feb 3, 2014

Review: Jack in the Box - Nacho Cheese Monster Taco

Jack in the Box's new Nacho Monster Taco features a taco topped with nacho cheese and jalapenos rather than American cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce.

I bought one for $1.79 (which is 50 cents more than the regular Monster Taco).

I know this might vary from location to location, but they did not skimp on the cheese and jalapenos in the taco I got. There was literally fleshy jalapeno slices in every bite and they packed a good amount of heat. The cheese had the proper warm, oozing texture.

Since it's just Jack's taco meat to go with the cheese and jalapenos, the Nacho Monster Taco does end up feeling like some greasy nachos conveniently packaged so you can pick up the whole thing to eat.

As usual, Jack's taco shell is crunchy in some parts, while chewy in others (and greasy all over because they just recently fried it with the meat inside).

Overall, I enjoyed Jack's Nacho Monster Taco. It throws some spicy-cheesy action at the greasy late-night taco and it works well. Just be warned, it's spicier than most "spicy" fast food items out there right now. I'd still get two Tacos for 99 cents just because it's so cheap though.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Nacho Monster Taco
Calories - 333 (from Fat - 196)
Fat - 22g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 930mg
Carbs - 23g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 9g