Mar 1, 2015

Review: Daelmans - Mini Stroopwafels AKA Caramel Bites

Daelmans' Mini Stroopwafels (literally "syrup waffles") or "Caramel Bites" feature bite-sized waffle sandwich cookies with a thin layer of caramel in the middle.

A 7.05-oz bag was $2.79 at Trader Joe's and one of the few non-store-brand items you'll find there. They're Dutch (Netherlands) in origin.

What you get with these are buttery, slightly-crisped waffles with a gel-like, lightly-caramelized center.

The waffles' texture reminds me a bit of a regular ice cream cone but with just slightly less crispy. They're just lightly sweetened.

The caramel layer exhibits a bit of a stretch which pretty much holds onto any large crumbs from the waffles. It's interestingly not as buttery as the waffles and has a lightly-sweetened pancake syrup feel to it. It makes for a delicious combination with the waffles; like a mini breakfast break for when you're in the mood.

One of the ways to eat these is with a hot drink like coffee or tea, where you can dip them into the liquid so that the caramel starts to melt. They also come in bigger-sized disc that fit right over your cup as a lid. The idea there is the steam from your cup will warm the cookie and soften the caramel.

Overall, Daelmans' Stroopwafels are excellent. There's a really nice, rich quality to them while not being too sweet and a satisfying dichotomy between the crisp waffles and the sticky, elastic caramel (they're quite fun to bend).

Nutritional Info -Daelmans Caramel Bites
Serving Size - 1 caramel wafer (8g)
Calories - 38 (from Fat - 15)
Fat - 2g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 63mg
Carbs - 5g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - less than 1g