Oct 6, 2015

Bud Light's New Beer Fridge Lets You Know When You're Running Out

The folks at Bud Light have partnered up with Buzz Connect and Linq IQ, to come up with a smart beer fridge that can let you know how many beers you have left and when they're at optimal temperature via your smartphone.

They're calling it the Bud-E Fridge and you can also program it with your favorite sports team so that it can let you know when a game day is approaching.

Other features include:

- Real-time updates of the beer stock in the fridge (it can hold 78 of them in cans or bottles). In case you're wondering: Yes, it can hold other beverages as long as they come in standard 12-oz bottles or cans.
- A countdown timer that indicates when your beers/drinks will reach optimal serving temperature (which the brand defines as below 32 degrees).
- The smart phone app will let you know when the fridge is running low on beer. It's integrated with beer-delivery service, Saucey, which lets you order for home delivery if you happen to live in San Francisco, L.A., or San Diego (I guess it's nice if you drank all the beers but the game's still on).

The Bud-E Fridge is currently only available for purchase by California residents (Hey, that's me!) at for $299 (discounted from $599 according to the sales page), which is somewhat competitive to a regular drink fridge (I found a regular 84-can drink cooler without the extra bells and whistles online for $189.99).

You can check out the Bud-E Fridge in the video below:

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