Oct 13, 2015

Here's 2015's Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts

Every year, Krispy Kreme celebrates Halloween with a selection of specially-decorated donuts. For 2015, they're introducing new Monster donuts.

The new Monster donut features a Kreme-filled shell yeast donut decorated with either purple or green icing and hand-decorated with white icing and sugars eyes to make one of six monster faces.

Returning for this year are the Pumpkin and Spider Web donuts.  The Pumpkin donut is a pumpkin-shaped, Kreme-filled donut topped with orange-colored icing and hand-decorated with a jack-o-lantern face. The Spider Web donut is a Kreme-filled shell yeast donut topped with chocolate icing and a spider web design.

All Halloween donuts can be found at participating Krispy Kreme donut shops through October 31, 2015.

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