Oct 24, 2015

Panera Tests Gluten-Free Bread

Panera Bread is set to test their first-ever gluten-free bread item: a rosemary focaccia roll.

The roll is slated to begin testing in 15 Detroit locations starting Wednesday, October 28, 2015. The company plans to launch the roll nationally in September of 2016.

While the roll itself is made without gluten and shipped sealed to each Panera cafe, the company describes it as "gluten conscious" since their bakery-cafes are not gluten-free environments and so there is a risk that the roll could come in contact with products containing gluten.

The ingredient list for the roll is as follows: Water, Potato Extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rice Starch, Sorghum Flour, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Bamboo Fiber, Organic Honey, Yeast, Rosemary, Sprouted Broccoli Seed, Sprouted Chia Seed, Sprouted Flaxseed, Molasses, Sea Salt, Egg Whites, Xanthan Gum, and Organic Distilled Vinegar.

Of the grains, sorghum was chosen for its nutritional and fiber content, while the sprouted broccoli seed, chia seed, and flaxseed give the roll both color and texture.

There's a $1.50 upcharge to substitute the roll in a whole sandwich and a 75-cent upcharge if you want the rosemary focaccia roll for a half sandwich.

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