Oct 23, 2015

McDonald's Testing Sweet Potato Fries

McDonald's is trying out Sweet Potato Fries in a number of locations out in Amarillo, Texas.

According to a statement from a company spokesperson given to, "Sweet potato fries are being tested in some Create Your Taste test restaurants in Amarillo, and we're gathering valuable customer feedback on them."

Sweet potato fries tend to be more of a fast-casual side, which fits with McDonald's fast-casual-ish Create Your Taste concept. Still, McDonald's isn't exactly treading new ground here. Rivals Burger King, Jack in the Box, and Carl's Jr. have all sold sweet potatoes fries on a limited-time basis in the past (with Burger King also serving curly sweet potato fries at one point), while Sonic offered sweet potato versions of their signature Tots not too long ago. Wendy's even put a plain sweet potato on the menu back in 2012.

Furthermore, the offering is not exactly new to McDonald's. Earlier this year in September, the company was frying up sweet potato fries across the Pacific in Singapore, along with a shrimp burger and honey dew melon-flavored McFlurry.

Photos via McDonald's.

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