Oct 20, 2015

Trix Looking for Real Bunny Mascot

Trix is on the hunt for a real bunny mascot to serve as the honorary face of the brand.

As such, they're inviting you to upload pictures or videos of your own bunny for consideration at

The contest runs through November 8, 2015 and the winning bunny will appear on limited-run boxes in the winner's hometown.

The cartoon bunny isn't going anywhere but the real bunny is meant to highlight the removal of artificial flavors and colors from the cereal come January 2016. The change comes amid consumer preferences for natural ingredients but also means that lime-green and wildberry blue will go the way of the dodo as the brand found it to difficult to replicate the color and flavor of the two.

The remaining colors--red, yellow, orange, and purple--will get their colors and flavors from fruit and vegetables juices and spice extracts.

If you're wondering how the new Trix will look like, here they are:

The move is part of a larger commitment by General Mills to remove artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from their cereals within the next two to three years.

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