Oct 25, 2015

Why Most of the U.S. Gets English Muffins for McDonald's All Day Breakfast

McDonald's began offering a limited all-day breakfast menu earlier this month, and some of you may have noticed that your local McDonald's offers either biscuit sandwiches or English muffin sandwiches all day but not both (except during normal breakfast hours).

For the most part, the U.S. is apparently English muffin country, at least as far as McDonald's goes. Unless you live in that swath ranging the southern to southeastern U.S., your local McDonald's is probably serving English muffin sandwiches all day.

If you live in English muffin country and find yourself wishing for a biscuit outside of traditional breakfast hours (or vice versa), you can probably blame at least half the people around you as the decision to go with one or the other was made at the local level based on popularity.

Personally, I've always preferred biscuits to English muffins since you usually have to bake one and just toast the other. The prevalence of the English muffin doesn't bode so well for my hopes of seeing the blueberry biscuit on the national stage anytime soon.

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