Oct 21, 2015

Taco Bell Tests Croissant Tacos

Taco Bell has been market testing Croissant Tacos out in Ohio as a possible follow up to Waffle Tacos and Biscuit Tacos.

As the name suggests, the breakfast tacos feature a taco shell made of croissant dough. The tacos feature the same fillings as their other breakfast tacos with sausage, bacon, and just plain egg versions.

The Croissant Tacos were spotted as early as April of this year in more limited testing but moved to a market test at the tail end of last month.

Given that they've already gone through waffles and biscuits for their breakfast tacos, it seems like the only other breakfast breads left to turn into shells are English muffins, pancakes, and crepes. Well, unless they try something like a donut taco. Mmmmmmm... I'd be interested in trying a donut taco shell rolled in cinnamon-sugar...

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