Oct 13, 2015

Jack in The Box Introduces New Southern-Style Crispy Chicken Fillet

Jack in the Box has updated their Homestyle Ranch Chicken Sandwich with a new Southern-Style breading on the crispy chicken filet.

In case you were wondering how the new version differs from the previous crispy chicken fillet, I reached out to a Jack in the Box Brand Representative and received the following response: "The new Southern-Style breading featured on Jack in the Box’s Homestyle Ranch Chicken sandwich fillet has a traditional fried chicken flavor profile vs. our previous breading, which featured a buttermilk flavor profile.  The ingredients in our Southern-Style breading also give our chicken an extra crispy texture!"

The rest of the sandwich remains the same and along with the new fillet, includes ranch sauce, grilled hickory smoked bacon slices, fresh leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and cheese on their signature bun.

It's an interesting move seeing as McDonald's also changed up their crispy chicken fillet this year.

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