Oct 13, 2015

New Snickers Crisper Coming in November 2015

New Snickers candy bars with crisped rice inside are coming to stores in November. Mars Chocolates has named them "Snickers Crisper."

The crisping of the company's top-selling candy bar follows the recent return of M&M's Crispy.

Snickers Crispy features crisped rice and peanuts topped with a layer of caramel and coated in milk chocolate. The crisped rice basically replaces the nougat of the original version.

A single pack includes two squares similar to Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. Prices start at 99 cents for a 1.41-oz single pack, $1.69 for a 2.83-oz 4 to Go pack, and $2.69 for a 10.61-oz Fun Size bag (prices may vary).

I'm not sure why they went with "crisper" over "crispy" for the Snickers bar.

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