Oct 16, 2015

Your Costume Will Need to Be a Little Different This Year to Score a $3 Boorito from Chipotle

Chipotle is once again offering their popular Boorito deal this year for Halloween, where you can get a burrito (or tacos, or bowl) for $3 by showing up in costume. There's an extra criteria this year though...

You have to "add something unnecessary" to your costume. Besides the pictures above, examples provided include Superman-bull, Casperado, Martian Monroe, Officer Burrito, Vamp-Erina, Nurse Stabby, Roller Mummy, and Captain T-Rex. Basically, it sounds like they want you to mash two costumes together.

The new criteria is meant to highlight Chipotle's philosophy of nixing "unnecessary" additives from their food.

The Boorito deal is available on October 31, 2015, from 5 PM to close at all Chipotle restaurants (closing time vary). It's limited to one Boorito per customer.

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