Oct 5, 2015

KFC Japan Offers New Deep-Fried Salmon Complete with a Salmon Fillet Mascot

In an interesting cross-promotion with a Sanrio (the makers of Hello Kitty) character, KFC Japan offers new breaded and deep-ried salmon.

The Sanrio character in question is Kirimi-chan, who just happens to be a salmon fillet (well, technically, she has a normal body but a giant salmon fillet for a head). They've also come up with their own Sanrio character for the campaign, Agemi-kun, who is basically like Kirimi-chan except his head is a breaded salmon fillet topped with a dollop of tartar sauce.

kFC's Fried Salmon is being sold for a limited time by the piece or as part of a sandwich (on a roll with a basil sauce, tartar sauce, and lettuce). Individual pieces are going for 230 yen (~$1.91 US) each, while the sandwich is 390 yen (~$3.24 US).

While serving up fried fish isn't new to KFC Japan, it's typically one of the more traditional species of whitefish that's being offered rather than the more uncommon and more expensive salmon.

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