Aug 29, 2014

News: Boston's Pizza Introduces New Pizzaburger Sliders

Last year, Boston's Pizza (called "Boston Pizza" in its home country of Canada) introduced the Pizzaburger, where they basically assemble your standard pizza, slap a half-pound Angus beef patty on it, covered it in pizza sauce, and then wrap the patty up in the pizza dough before baking the whole thing.

This year, they've brought back the Pizzaburger and have introduced a smaller version: the new Pizzaburger Slider, a mini version of the original.

The Pizzaburger and Pizzaburger Sliders come with pepperoni and bacon as toppings/fillings and are garnished with lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

The Pizzaburger goes for $10.59 and comes with a side of fries (may vary), while the Pizzaburger Sliders are three to an order for $8.79 (may vary). Both are available for a limited time only as part of Boston Pizza's fall menu.