Apr 16, 2014

This Pizza Chain Will Offer a Pizza Cake If You Vote for It

Declaring "If you like it, we'll make it," Boston Pizza (Boston's here in the US) is inviting Canadian fans (although the chain does have a little more than 40 locations here in the US) to vote on a number of "Pizza Game Changers," including pizza mints (a tiny "pizza" of pizza-flavored mint candy slices), a gas-powered pizza cutter, and pizza cake via

The "innovation" garnering the most votes will be made by Boston Pizza and debut by this summer. At the time of this writing, the pizza cake is leading the votes with over the double the votes of second-place pizza mints (the gas-powered pizza cutter is third). Pulling up the rear is the pizza beardkin (a pizza-shaped beard napkin...).

The pizza chain is known other offbeat offerings such as a pizza burger, a chicken club with pizza dough bun, and pizza bread.

Along with the campaign, Boston Pizza has also introduced a number of new, limited-time menu items, including the new Pizza Taco, a chipotle chicken and bacon taco with a pizza for the shell.