Jul 2, 2020

A Look at Krispy Kreme's 4th of July Box with Patriotic Dozen Donuts

The limited edition 4th of July Box with Patriotic Dozen is a themed dozen donuts box that Krispy Kreme is offering to celebrate July 4, 2020. Each box includes three of each Indoughpendence Day Donuts, which include Firework Donuts, Strawberry Sparkler Donuts, Patriotic Sprinkles Donuts, and Freedom Ring Donuts.

I received a box courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

The dozen comes in a specially-designed box with two star cut-outs that let you see the donuts inside. The design on the box feature fireworks over stars and stripes.

Each donut sports red, white and blue but in different proportions. Most are mostly red, white, or blue with a smattering of the other two colors except for the Freedom Ring Donut, which balances all three colors fairly well.

All the donuts use an Original Glazed donut as their base, which means they're all soft and airy and glazed in addition to being iced (which makes them all very sweet especially the Original Filled ones).

Except for the raspberry-flavored popping candy on the Firework Donut, there's not much in the way of newness with the donuts beyond their Fourth of July designs. You get the added crunch of sprinkles and the like but you'd normally get that on a number of the chain's regular donuts.

The Strawberry Sparkler Donut might be the most novel of the bunch as it comes filled with strawberry-flavored creme, which isn't normally offered in the Original Filled line (but is offered in a regular filled donut).

The Patriotic Sprinkles Donut is probably the least novel of the donuts. It's basically the same as the chain's regular sprinkles donuts but with different colors and less flavor.

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