Jul 4, 2020

Smokehouse Chicken Returns to Church's in New Campfire Flavor

Smokehouse Chicken is back at Church's Chicken this summer and comes in new Campfire flavor.

They don't have much of a description for the new flavor; only that it's a "bold smoky flavor" with "Texas-sized taste."

Campfire Smokehouse Chicken can be ordered in a $5 combo meal or as part of a Family Meal.

The $5 combo comes with half a Campfire Smokehouse Chicken, a regular side, and a Honey-Butter Biscuit.

The Family Meal is meant to feed four and includes two Campfire Smokehouse Chicken halves, six tenders, a large side of mashed potatoes, a large side of coleslaw, and four Honey-Butter Biscuits. Prices vary but tends to be around $20.

Church's first introduced Smokehouse Chicken in 2016 and has been bringing back some version of it each summer since. In the summer of 2018, they debuted a Bourbon Black Pepper version and now they're going with the new Campfire flavor.

Photo via Church's Chicken.

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