Jul 17, 2020

Review: Hostess - S'mores Cupcakes

Hostess S'mores Cupcakes feature graham cracker-flavored yellow cake with toasted marshmallow-flavored creme, topped with chocolate icing.

A 12.7-oz box goes for $2.89 at Walmart (where they're currently exclusive) but I received these courtesy of Walmart.

The cake portion wasn't all that sweet and was a little bland. I was expecting a bit of a caramel or honey note to represent the graham flavor but the cake was just plain. It did, however, sport a color somewhere in the vicinity of a graham cracker. Unlike a graham cracker, it wasn't dry.

The chocolate icing seemed a bit softer and more chocolaty than a classic chocolate Hostess cupcake but it was also sweeter.

The toasted marshmallow-flavored creme managed a reasonable facsimile of a melted marshmallow in both taste and texture. It seemed thicker and more gooey than the more whipped cream-like texture of their standard creme.

Taken altogether, Hostess S'mores Cupcakes do a pretty good job of putting the flavors of s'mores in a cupcake. I particularly liked the richer chocolate flavor of the icing and the bit of marshmallow-like texture to the creme.

Nutritional Info - Hostess S'more Cupcakes
Serving Size - 1 cupcake (45g)
Calories - 170 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 2.5g)
Sodium - 135mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 22g)
Protein - 1g

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