Jul 17, 2020

McDonald's Pouring Lemonade Espresso in Poland

McDonald's is serving Lemonade Espresso over in Poland this summer.

As the name suggests, the drink features an ice-cold cup of fizzy lemonade with a layer of espresso poured on top.

The chain is also offering lemonade as a summer drink. Their lemonade consists of sparkling water mixed with lemon and lemon slices plus a bit of passion-fruit syrup, served over ice.

The bitter, sour, and sweet combination may seem a bit odd but, apparently, it does enjoy some popularity.

McDonald's is also going with a cherry theme this summer in Poland with a trio of dessert, including a McFlurry with cherry sauce, a sundae topped with cherry sauce, chocolate sauce, and a Kit-Kat, and a cherry shake.

Photo via McDonald's Poland.

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