Jul 6, 2020

Burger King Selling Their Own Beer in Denmark and Sweden

Burger King partners with local brewer Mikkeller to offer "The King's Cup" non-alcoholic beer in Sweden and Denmark. The graphic on the can highlights the collaboration by showing Mikkeller characters in Burger King garb assembling a burger.

The King's Cup beer is described by the brewer as a "fresh, full-bodied and non-alcoholic summer beer."

The new beer's launch accompanies the debut of the chain's World Gourmet burgers which features two new burgers: the French Cheese and the Argentinian Grill. Both burgers feature flame-grilled 150g (~5.29-oz) Angus beef patties and bistro buns. The French Cheese also comes with French floral cheese, caramelized, roasted onions, frisee, arugula, and peppery mustard mayonnaise, while the Argentinian Grill features chimichurri sauce, bacon, cheese, sliced ​​onions, tomatoes frisee, and arugula.

While Burger King sells beer in some countries and even some locations here in the US, it doesn't look like they've ever had their own brand of beer until now.

Photo via Burger King Denmark and Sweden.

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