Jun 2, 2021

Sonic Pours New Bursting Bubbles

Sonic expands their drink menu this summer with the limited time addition of new Bursting Bubbles, which is featured in several beverages, including the Blue Burst Slush, the Cherry Burst Slush, Blue Burst, and Cherry Burst.

The Blue Burst Slush is an icy slush with blue raspberry flavor mixed with Bursting Bubbles. The Blue Burst features blue raspberry flavor mixed with ice, Bursting Bubbles, and Sprite.

The Cherry Burst Slush consists of an ice slush with cherry flavor mixed with Bursting Bubbles, while the Cherry Burst mixes ice, cherry flavor, Bursting Bubbles, and Sprite, and then tops it with a maraschino cherry.

Bursting Bubbles can also be added to any Sonic drink or Slush while they're available through August 1, 2021.

Sonic doesn't actually mention the flavor of their Bursting Bubbles but the they're green in color and described as "sweet." Bursting Bubbles are the Sonic's take on popping boba, which are liquid-filled edible spheres with a thin, gel-like skin. Popping boba comes in several flavors and colors and are themselves an offshoot of traditional boba, which are tapioca balls most commonly associated with boba tea (also called bubble tea). Popping boba is generally easier for fast food restaurants to add to the menu as traditional boba needs to be kept hot to keep their chewy texture whereas popping boba can just be placed in some ice water for holding without affecting the texture (popping boba lacks the chewy, stretchy texture of traditional boba).

Photo via Sonic.

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