Jun 2, 2021

Tony's Chocolonely Releases New Sweet Solutions Line

Tony's Chocolonely releases the new Sweet Solutions collection as the latest addition to their portfolio of chocolate and white chocolate candy bars.

The Sweet Solutions collection consists of previously limited-time flavors that offered the brand's own take on more big-name chocolate bars. Tony's Chocolonely is bringing them back permanently with new packaging (the previous packaging was made to be similar to their big-name counterparts). The Sweet Solutions collection includes:

- Milk chocolate with wafer and cookie pieces (like Kit-Kat)

- Milk chocolate cookie caramel (like Twix)

- Milk chocolate with hazelnut and cookie (like Ferrero Rocher)

- Milk chocolate honey almond nougat (like Toblerone) - Not a limited-time flavor from before. They shifted this one from regular line.

The 6.35-oz bars can be found on Tony’s website as well as in Whole Foods stores for $5.99 each.

Photo via Tony's Chocolonely.

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