Aug 19, 2021

Burger King Serves Up New "Version 2" Whopper in Japan with Veggie Patties for Buns

Burger King serves up a new, plant-based burger over in Japan called the "Version 2 Whopper" that involves two flame-grilled plant-based patties in place of the bun.

The Version 2 name refers to the inclusion of v2 brand plant-based burger patties (v2 stands for "version 2"). v2 is an Australian brand that makes plant-based alternatives that are meant to look, cook, and taste like meat.

Between the two v2 plant-based patties, the Version 2 Whopper includes lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. The concept between having two flame-grilled patties seems to be to accentuate the qualities of flame-grilling.

Burger King Japan's Version 2 Whopper is available for a limited time through September 2, 2021 with a price tag of 690 yen (~$6.28 US).

Photo via Burger King Japan.

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