Aug 18, 2021

New Star Gazer Ding Dongs Land Exclusively at Sam's Club

Embodying an outer-space theme, new limited-edition Hostess Star Gazer Ding Dongs are available for purchase exclusively at Sam's Club.

The limited-time Ding Dongs have the same fudge-covered, hockey-puck-shaped chocolate cake of regular Ding Dongs but are filled with purple creme filling and come topped with "intergalactic" sprinkles (which in this case, means blue and purple sprinkles).

Star Gazer Ding Dongs can be found in a 32-count variety pack that includes 16 individually-wrapped Star Gazer Dings Dongs and 16 Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes. The price per 45.72-oz box comes out to $8.28. They're available both at Sam's Club and online at

Photo via Hostess.

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