Aug 20, 2021

Review: Wendy's - Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce

Wendy's Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce features a ranch dipping sauce with the spicy heat of ghost peppers.

The sauce was included for free when I ordered Chicken Nuggets (It cost me $1.49 for a 4-piece and $1.99 for a 6-piece order) as well as fries ($2.69 for a large).

As you might have guessed, the Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce tastes like ranch with a medium spicy kick to it. The sauce offered a notable, creamy buttermilk tang as well as a light herby quality. It smells just like ranch but I breathed in a little too deeply almost coughed from the spicy fumes. The heat hit just a little after the upfront buttermilk flavor but didn't linger too long.

I would say it's a similar heat level to their Spicy Chicken Nuggets and that it went well with both the chain's Classic and Spicy Chicken Nuggets. The Ghost Pepper Ranch was not bad with fries either.

Eating the Spicy Chicken Nuggets with the Ghost Pepper Ranch didn't light my mouth on fire but was enough to make my nose run a bit. It's less a synergistic rise in heat and more of an incremental thing.

As it stands, Wendy's Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce is the spiciest sauce that Wendy's currently offers and pairs well with their Chicken Nuggets. It's good if you like their Buttermilk Ranch already but want a decent kick of heat.

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