Aug 12, 2021

Pillsbury Welcomes New Pull-Apart Bread Kits, Mini Pizza Crusts, and More

Pillsbury bolsters their line-up by welcoming several new products, including two Pull-Apart Bread Kits, Mini Cinni Stix, Mini Pizza Crusts, and edible Cookie Dough Poppins.

Here's what's new from Pillsbury as we near the end of summer:

- Monkey Bread and Garlic Bread Pull-Apart Kits - Each kit includes ready-to-bake, pre-cut dough and sauce pouches.

- Mini Cinni Stix - Ready-to-bake Cinni Stix that bake in a little over 10 minutes. Each cannister includes 24 Stix and cinnamon icing.

- Mini Pizza Crusts - Like their regular pizza dough but pre-separated into 8 pieces to be pressed into 6-inch pizza crusts.

- Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Poppins - Resealable pouches of bite-sized, safe-to-eat cookie dough pieces. They're meant for snacking and as a topping for other desserts.

Photo via Pillsbury.

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