Aug 10, 2021

Review - Shake Shack - Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

Shake Shack's Hot Honey Chicken sandwich features a honey-glazed crispy chicken breast filet served with habanero mayo sauce and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun.

I paid $7.89 for the sandwich.

My sandwich came with a somewhat narrow but thick chicken filet, which meant most bites were meaty but a few bites were just bread, sauce, and lettuce. It was lightly crispy with a thin breading.

The honey glaze gave a fair amount of honeyed sweetness to the chicken, while the heat came from the habanero mayo sauce.

The habanero mayo sauce was the most interesting part of the Hot Honey Chicken because, while the mayo base is common enough, it introduced a moderate spicy kick as well as a novel floral, fruity note to the proceedings.

The lettuce was mostly wilted from a 10-minute drive back but still managed just a slight and occasional watery crunch.

The potato bun offered a light touch of butter and a soft, squishy but not fragile texture. It cradled the chicken well to prevent it from slipping out when I bit into it.

Overall, Shake Shack's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich was enjoyable in both texture and flavor but, beyond the sweet floral notes, didn't quite stand out for the price premium and felt a little undersized compared to other cheaper fast food chicken sandwiches of a similar quality.

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