Aug 6, 2021

Grilled Steak Returns to Yoshinoya for a Limited Time

Yoshinoya brings back Grilled Steak as an entree option for a limited time this summer.

The entree features strips of seared steak topped with a sweet and savory soy glaze, green onions, and sesame seeds. You can order it as part of a bowl with veggies and a choice of steamed rice (white or brown) or not-so-fried rice (which is a combination of steamed white rice, grilled red bell peppers, green onions, sweet corn, and edamame mixed with a savory soy sauce).

To promote the return of Grilled Steak, Yoshinoya is offering double rewards points through August 15, 2021 when you order it through the Yoshinoya app.

Photo via Yoshinoya.

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