Aug 15, 2021

McDonald's Puts Together New Locally-Inspired Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger in Singapore

McDonald's takes inspiration from a local Singaporean dish, Hainanese chicken rice, to offer the new Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger in Singapore.

McDonald's Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger features a crispy-fried chicken patty served with cabbage, carrots, lettuce, mayo, ginger sauce, and garlic chili sauce on a soft semolina bun. The chicken sandwich comes with a packet of Dark Sweet Sauce (basically a thickened, sweet, dark soy sauce) to drizzle onto the sandwich as you like.

Basically the sandwich eschews the signature poached chicken and broth-cooked seasoned rice of the dish to instead offer three of the common accompanying sauces (a ginger sauce, garlic chili sauce, and dark soy sauce) for Hainanese chicken rice on a fairly normal crispy chicken sandwich. It's similar to how a "BBQ burger" doesn't usually have any smoked meats and instead just throws in some barbecue sauce. Like barbecue, Hainanese chicken enjoys regional variants as it's popular in a number of Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger is part of a limited-time "Inspired by Singapore" menu from McDonald's that also includes Crisscut Fries (seems a random throw-in), a Banana Pie, as well as a Kopi (as in "coffee")  Frappe.

Photo via McDonald's Singapore.

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