Aug 26, 2021

New "Hot & Crispy" Fries Rolling Out at Wendy's

Wendy's introduces new Hot & Crispy Fries to replace their current Natural-Cut Fries. The new fries key feature is that they're meant to stay hot and crispy (hence the name) for a longer period versus the current fries.

The new fries are still made with the same potatoes with roughly the same skin-on cut. The key difference is that the new fries are lightly battered (they call it a "whisper" of coating) through a propriety battering process so that they can stay crispy on the outside, while remaining hot and fluffy on the inside for 15 to 20 minutes (which is about the average time for delivery).

Wendy's Hot & Crispy Fries are currently being rolled out and are slated to be available nationwide in both the US and Canada by mid-September. An international roll-out is to follow.

According to Wendy's, in a national survey, participants preferred the new Hot & Crispy Fry over McDonald's fries (their #1 competitor) by almost 2 to 1.

Wendy's last changed their fries back in 2010 when Natural-Cut Fries were first introduced.

Photo via Wendy's.

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