Aug 9, 2021

Little Caesars Tests New Pepperoni Palooza Pizza with Curling "Old-World" Pepperoni

Little Caesars tests the new Pepperoni Palooza Pizza for a limited time at participating locations in the Erie, PA and Omaha, NE area. The key feature of the new pizza is it comes topped with "Old-World" pepperoni that "curls" or "cups" as it bakes.

Little Caesars Pepperoni Palooza Pizza is a large traditional round pizza that's topped with over 100 Old-World pepperoni slices (the slices are smaller than their regular pepperoni). Additionally, the pizza comes topped with cheese like their thin crust (with cheese from end to end to achieve a caramelized crust edge).

The price tag on the Pepperoni Palooza Pizza comes out to $8, which is about $2 more than their ExtraMostBestest Pepperoni Pizza (may vary).

While there are fairly sizable pizza chains, like Marcos, that offers curling or cupping pepperoni, none of the Big Four pizza chains currently do.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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