Aug 29, 2021

Sonic Introduces New, Non-Alcoholic, Wine-Inspired Slushes

Sonic introduces a new, limited-time line of non-alcoholic, wine-inspired slushes that they're calling "Uncorked Slushes" to usher in the end of summer.

Sonic Uncorked Slushes come in three flavors, each inspired by a different wine:

- Strawberry Frose - An icy slush with strawberries and rose wine flavor.

- Red Berry Sangria - An icy slush with red berry sangria wine flavor and strawberries.

- Peach Bellini - An icy slush with white wine and sweet peach flavors.

Uncorked Slushes are available for a limited time through September 26, 2021, while supplies last. As with the rest of Sonic's slush selection, you can get them for half price during the chain's Happy Hour (which is always available when you order through their website or app).

Photo via Sonic.

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