Aug 31, 2021

New Starburst Airs Gummies Arrive on Store Shelves

Mars Wrigley expands their Starburst line with the arrival of new Starburst Airs gummies on store shelves starting this fall.

Starburst Airs are so-named as they feature gummies with a new, airy, "inflated" texture paired with the taste of Starburst candy. They come in two variety packs: Original and Sour Tropical. Original packs include strawberry, lemon, orange and cherry flavors, while Sour Tropical packs include sour kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit and mango. Both varieties come in 4.3-oz peg bags.

The fluffy gummy candies are rolling out to select retailers this fall with more widespread, nationwide availability coming in 2022.

Photo via Mars Wrigley.

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